Change Lanes - EP

by Decedy

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Allie Thomas
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Allie Thomas I'm glad American Idol introduced me to Dylan, who then introduced me to this amazing band. I hope the band makes it far one day, and I'm sure if you keep putting your music out there it will! Favorite track: 15 to 16.
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released October 9, 2013

Kevin Kwater - Mixing and mastering on Tell Me Now, In My Head, and Words I Have To Say at his private studio in Saint Louis, MO.
Robert Rosener - Mixing and mastering on 15 to 16, Francium, Make It Stop, & Punk Rock Saved My Life at Jupiter Studios & Shock City Studios.

All music played by Decedy.



all rights reserved


Decedy Saint Louis, Missouri

Coming from a primarily classic rock background, Deric & Dylan Becker began Decedy. The lovechild of classic rock and new. "Classic rock music is why we started this band and we will never forget we started this band, to make rock music."

Deric Becker - guitar, vocals

Izzy Black -
drums, vocals

Dylan Becker - bass, vocals
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Track Name: Tell Me Now
I need someone to love again. I need someone who's admired by all my friends. I need someone to tell me right from wrong. That's why I went and wrote you this song.

Tear me down, build me up. Tear me down, fill me with love.

I need something to think about. Can you help me figure it out. I need something to think about. Can you just tell me now.

I need someone to love me again. I need someone who won't hang on my friends. I need someone who's always wrong. I need someone who just stays at home.
Track Name: 15 to 16
Allow me to exaggerate a love lost then won. Drawn apart and drawn together by the time this song is done. It starts with a man who's played his cards with no repay. With a vision this girl and I will only live to be.

So take your time and do whatever it takes. To commence this state and say you're mine. With a love like yours girl I think I'll just be fine. Just say we'll be together until Heaven and Hell collide.

You've made it clear to see that you're still in love with me and you plan to be all mine. But say it now and make a vow that forever means for all time.
Track Name: In My Head
My whole life is just stuck up chicks. Add work school and politics. My car broke down on the interstate. I tried to succeed but I was just too late. I tried to play guitar but I broke a string. Attempted poetry it wasn't my thing. On my way to the top, so get out of my way.

I've been told I've got nothing left to lose.

My feet are in the water and the lifesaver's off. I'm treading down a road with endless paths I can walk. Remember all the best and forget all the rest. And I'll just keep this song on repeat in my head.

I see my friends begin to age. The burning countdown to their strife. Say my life has no direction. No purpose to abide. I sit for six hours in a tiny-ass car to play for some people in some underground bars. So hand me my guitar.
Track Name: Francium
Now we're on the road to get there and I don't think we're too far. We got a few hundred fans. The gear's in the van and a rock n' roll guitar.

Now we have some work to do yeah but you know I'm not afraid. 'Cuz I know I'll get there somehow someway. In a few hundred days.

I'm not faking. I'm just saying. I think we can make it.
Track Name: Make It Stop
Constant ringing. Stop this spinning. I can't take the pressure of this anymore. My head is aching. My legs are shaking. I am turning so much about to hit the floor.

Am I distressed or am I just insane. Will this still happen when I come of age. I do decree I need some mental aid. Or else I will decline into a mental state.

Falling down on my guitar. Falling out of the car. I need medical help go right away. All of this music is hurting my brain.
Track Name: Punk Rock Saved My Life
Lying down in the emergency when they put on my favorite cd. It takes me to my hands and knees and makes me yell and scream now. It made me yell and scream.

If you think this is just a myth and that I am just full of it, go talk to the doctors then. You stupid hypocrites.

Punk rock saved my life. punk rock saved my life. All the time now.
Punk rock saved my life. Punk rock saved my life. And I'm feeling so fine now.

Lying in that cold room when they put on my favorite album. Track 7 oh yeah. That's my favorite tune.
Track Name: Words I Have To Say (Bonus Track)
I'll write your words onto the bathroom stall. If you hang my photograph onto your bedroom wall. I'll sing a song for you. A song for you today. If you will listen really closely to the words I have to say.

Won't you listen to me.

I'm not much an artist or a poet. But what I've written down might be hopeless. If the point don't come through I guess I'll have to show it.

So clear your afternoon next week. I'll take a few hours to sweep you off your feet.

We go out to eat and to the movie. It's a perfect love story on paper.